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Visions and Values

Our School Vision

The Cope Primary School will provide a safe and stimulating environment, where every pupil is valued and supported to become confident individuals, successful learners and responsible young people.


Our Values

  • We are committed to providing a stimulating, balanced curriculum that allows all pupils to be motivated and interested and to nurture the talents and abilities of all pupils and for all pupils to achieve academically to their highest standard.


  • We value the inclusion and equality of treatment of each pupil.


  • We believe in developing and fostering Christian values and a respect for the core values of honesty, tolerance, empathy, hard work, kindness and concern.


  • We prepare our pupils to meet the challenges of life and to encourage academic, emotional, physical, mental, spiritual and social well-being of each individual child, so that they may make a meaningful contribution to society.


  • We are committed to work in partnership and actively encourage the involvement of parents in the education of their children.


  • We encourage independent learning, thinking and problem solving skills.


  • We strive to promote pupils' self image and self esteem by celebrating success and acknowledging progress.


  • We value the high expectations of our pupils, teacher, parents and recognise that students learn in different paces.


  • We are an integral part of the community and it is our intention to build upon and strengthen the links which already exist.


  • We engage in a cycle of assessment, reflection and goal setting in order to support pupil achievement.