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Using Numicon to order non-consecutive numbers from smallest to largest and then largest to smallest.

Comparing the weight of two objects using balance scales.

Exploring our understanding of money by counting out amounts within 10p

Comparing and measuring for height

Comparing and measuring the length of two objects

Sorting 3D shapes and using them to build Jack a tower to reach the giant!

We used our 2D shapes to build paths for Jack to escape the giant. We explored the concept of tessellation by joining shapes side by side and being careful not to leave any gaps for Jack to fall through.

We have been exploring 2D shapes. One day Goldilocks stole our circles and squares! She even came back and stole our squares and rectangles.

The witch from The Jolly Postman story asked us to make a magic 7 potion! We also explored the composition of 7 by aiming to throw 7 bean bags into a hoop.

Exploring the composition of numbers using double sided counters and 10 frames.

Partitioning sets within 5

There are lots of fun ways to help us count sets and write numerals.

We can copy, continue and design our own patterns!