Diary Dates 
26th & 27th Feb Parent and Staff Meetings 
26th Feb parent Meeting @7pm Reconstitution of BOG 
26th Feb @ 7.30pm PTA Meeting 
6th March P5/6 Visit to The Ulster Museum 
17th March Bank Holiday 
16th April school closes for Easter 
28th April School re-opens 
5th May Bank Holiday 
7th May Visitation by local ministers 
7th may Knex Challenge 
9th May Swimming Gala 
11th May Giro d'Italia passing through Loughgall 
13th- 16th May P6/7 Residential to Manchester 
26th May Bank Holiday 
13th June Tennis Tournament 
School Hours 
School Opens 8.45am 
Break 10.45am - 10.45am 
Lunch 12.10pm - 1pm 
Rec,P1,P2, ( P3-Tue,Thurs,Fri) hometime 1.35pm 
End of School 3.00pm 
Healthy Break
A healthy snack is provided in Reeption to P3 classrooms at a cost of £1.50/week 
P4- P7 are encouraged to bring in a healthy snack or break may be purchased from the school canteen at 25p/item. 
School Uniform 
Homework is designed to reinforce work taught in school. 
General points for consideration by parents 
Where homework is set its purpose and value should always be carefully considered and all necessary preparation should be made. 
The approach to homework should reflect the organisation and content of work in the 
classroom. Where groups have been engaged in different activities it is reasonable to 
expect that any tasks set for homework will be different for each group and will reflect the children’s varying abilities. 
In assessing what might reasonably be achieved by children at home teachers should 
a the facilities and resources available to pupils out of school; 
b the special difficulties which confront some children, eg. long journeys to and from school; 
c the individual interests and abilities of the pupils. 
This will depend on the nature of the work set and the year group. P1 pupils - reading and letter/number formation and games involving parental participation, up to 15 minutes. P2 pupils - reading and introduction of a little more formal work in Literacy and Numeracy, up to 15 minutes. P3 pupils might be expected to spend about 15 - 20 minutes on homework. P4 pupils might be expected to spend about 20 - 30 minutes on homework. From P5 to P7, this time will be gradually increased as the pupils get older to a maximum of 45 minutes in P7. 
Homework should be reduced during the summer term and should not be set for completion at week-ends or during school holidays. 
P1 Reading and letter/number formation 
P2 Reading + a little English / Maths (graded to suit ability of children) 
P3-7 Reading/Spellings /Tables / English or Maths 
School Meals 
These are cooked on the premises daily and parents may, if they so wish purchase a meal for their child. The school cook issues menus in advance. 
Milk is also available daily for all children who wish to partake of this subsidised scheme. (Reception children are entitled to free milk). 
Dinner £2.10 /day £10.50 / wk 
Milk19p / day 95p / wk 
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