Our School 
Our first school building dates back to the year 1811, when it was b uilt at a cost of £400. At that time it was known as Leveleglish School. The first available record of the school dates back to 1824 when Charles and Pheobe McClelland were listed as being Master and Mistress with 128 pupils on roll, 66 of whom were boys and 62 girls. 
First Cope School 1811-1870 
In 1870, the original building became the residence of the headmaster and a new school was built in the middle of the village. Around 1900, this school became known as The Cope School with Mr. Robert Callaghan being the headmaster. Later Principals of the school at this site were Mr. WS Keegan (1932-1939), Mr. WE Mills (1939-1959) and Mr R Reilly, who oversaw the move to the new building in 1972 and remained as Principal until 1992. 
Second Cope School - 1870 - 1972 
The third and present site of The Cope PS opened in 1972 and in 1992, Mrs J Bartholomew became Principal. As the third building opened, another local school, Ternagreevagh PS closed and was amalgamated with The Cope. Later in 1990, Salter’s Grange PS also closed with its pupils transferring to Loughgall and a similar situation occurred in 1995 when Kinnego PS also closed, its remaining pupils also joining the pupils at The Cope PS. 
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